Introduction to the Basics

Manichaeans (Aramaic: Maninaye) practice a monotheistic religion revealed to the Holy Prophet Mar Mani in third century Babylonia, emphasizing the spiritual liberation of all humankind.

Religious history is viewed by Manichaeans as a perpetual series of revelations to diverse peoples across the world. These revelations coming in the form of a Divine Messenger who provides the Pure Teaching, the Divine Knowledge required to liberate souls from the illusion of Matter. These Divine Messengers are all facets of one author who is Mir Izgadda; he is often referred to as the Third Messenger. It is He who has continually sought to awaken souls and bring them to the Kingdom of Light, an eternal realm beyond the physical universe.

“During the decline of the Pure Teaching, in the days of darkness, in the days when the corruption of religion becomes a disease in the bones of the religious sects, a man of Truth and Righteousness shall appear being sent down from the Kingdom of Light into the world of Matter. It is He who shall take great concern for the Assembly according to the powers of the Great Spirit within Him and to His capacity as one inhabits a physical body.” (Gospel of Mar Mani 3:1)

A Divine Messenger has either been direct manifestations of Mir Izgadda or they have been emanations of one of the manifestations or messengers (such as “Buddha,” “Mani”, “Ajahn Jyoti”) or they have been great servants of the Third Messenger in this world. These revelations manifested either as religions or spiritual traditions that suited the need of the culture, the era and the location of the people.

“The Third Messenger is the King of the Border, the God Mithra from the Chariot of the Sun, the bust of the King of Light, the very Lord of all the Counsels King who is in these worlds.” (Gospel of Mar Mani 2:24)

The title “Third Messenger” is used to describe Mir Izgadda due to His role of overseeing the dissolution of the Second Creation of this universe (which we are in now), and the formation of a new universe, the Third Creation of this universe.

Manichaeans believe Mar Mani to have been not only a great servant of the Third Messenger but also a Prophet and Messenger. In fact, today he is seen as an emanation of His Divine Presence – that is, he has returned as the World Teacher in our present day, also known by the names of “Ajahn Jyoti” and “Mar Mani Khaila.” Other manifestations have included Enoch, Buddha, Jesus and others.

Each Divine Manifestation of the Third Messenger teaches the Pure Teaching of the One True God within the culture in which they manifest: Worship God who is outside time and creation, cultivate virtue, remove vice and put aside worldly attachments. One of the latest acts of Mir Izgadda was to call for the restoration of the Way of Mani in this world, presented in its purified form, free from the many false doctrines and practices that developed over the ages.

This website presents Manichaean teachings revealed not only in ancient times but also in our very own day. If you would like to know more about the Religion of Light, continue exploring the site.