Our Mission


Painter Mani presenting king Bahram-Gur with his drawingThen the Luminary said: “I Mani, the Apostle of Yisho, I have gone out of the land of Babel, from where I was to call a Call in the world; I shall cause Living Streams* to well up for the thirsty, that they may drink and live.” (GoM 36:1)

The Manichaean Church’s beliefs are based on the revelation given to the Holy Prophet Mar Mani in ancient times and upon the Three Pillars of our Faith consisting of Scripture, Tradition and Revelation.

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Mar Mani in all the earth, helping all peoples, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or nationality to seek liberation from the darkness.

The Manichaean Church in the East is operated under the careful guidance of the Third Messenger and Mar Mani, as it was intended in the beginning, without the influence of the personal opinions or interpretation of clerics or laity. It is based entirely on the Three Pillars of the Holy Faith.

The traditions as presented on this website are those that are practised by Manichaeans in the East (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Uzbekistan, etc). The main purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for the English speaking communities and individuals around the world that wish to get on track with the traditions as they are practised by the Mother Church.

In the words of Mir Izgadda, “The Holy Manichaean Church in the East, under Mar Mani’s guidance, shall serve as the model for other Manichaean bodies throughout the world. Its practices, policies and traditions are not open to suggestion by anyone outside the Mother Church.”