Our Scriptures

Manichaeans have their own Scriptures, referred to in English as the Manichaean Holy Book of Light, and in Aramaic as “Ketava Kudsha.” The Church holds dear the authorised, ancient Aramaic and Persian texts as its Holy Scriptures. Our Holy Book contains within it both ancient and modern texts, including writings of Enoch, Egyptian stele, the Prophet Mar Mani and others.

Some of our Scriptures were lost with time and due to persecution, but many were also translated to Chinese, thus we also rely on the Chinese texts still available to this day. The Manichaean Church believes in and practices the Three Pillars of the Faith, known as 1) Scripture, 2) Tradition, and 3) Revelation.

Manichaeans also respect the holy texts of other traditions within the Religion of Light. Some of these texts include the Psalms and Proverbs (from the Ancient Aramaic Peshitta text), portions of the original Holy Gospel of Messiah, and others.

You can read some sections currently available from the Holy Book in English, Portuguese or Spanish.