Weekly Lessons

notes-study-studies-lessonsStudy groups and individuals are encouraged to use these documents in their regular lessons and planning for weekly study sessions. On occasion, a homily or sermon is available that can also be used. Unless otherwise indicated, all files are in portable document format (PDF).

Beginning with Volume 1, Number 5, Mar Mani Khaila has asked that the brethren focus on one or two chapters at a time from the Holy Book of Light. In this way, the brethren will not be inundated with too many texts throughout the week. The questions can be reflected upon throughout the week. Do not feel that you need to complete the questions in a single session.

If you would like to translate the documents to your language, please contact us.

2015 Archives

1 – 3 January (English, Spanish)

4 – 10 January (English, Spanish)

11 – 17 January (English)

18 – 24 January (English, Spanish)

25 – 31 January (English, Spanish)

1 – 7 February (English)

8 – 14 February (English)

Spanish translations by Scribe Shamon