Manichaean Liturgy

book2On this page you will find liturgy for use by congregations and individuals in a variety of languages. Manichaeans consider the Church’s liturgical texts as sacred. As such we ask that all liturgy be treated with the utmost respect. The literature on this page is always free of charge. You are encouraged to redistribute our literature, however, we ask that you not sell any of the digital editions. If you wish to have printed editions, you may like to know that some of our publications are also available from our online book store. If you would like to help improve on one of the translations, please contact us.






Prayer of the Emanations in Other Languages

Please check back soon for more downloads and links to our liturgical texts in various languages. Thank you for your patience.

A Note to Translators
Your voluntary service of translation for the Temple is most appreciated. Thank you. Some brothers and sisters who wish to translate the liturgy have asked what they should translate first. One of the most important of all our liturgy is that of the Prayer of the Emanations (available above). If you have translated this Prayer or others, any of the texts from the Holy Book, or any of the pages on this site or other Manichaean sites, please contact us for details on how to send your translations to the Central Temple for publishing and for adding to this or other pages. If you can improve on a current document that has been translated in another languages besides English, please contact us. Not all of the translations are perfect and could be improved upon. Thank you.

We are currently in need of translations of the liturgy in the following languages:
Afrikaans, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish and Ukrainian. (All languages are welcome regardless of this list.)