Manichaean Observances

candles2The following is a brief list of the various special days observed by Manichaeans. You should check with your local clergy or study group for any particular observances that are unique to your locality. There are also other days referred to in the Manichaean calendar and Lectionary. See “What Holidays do Manichaeans Celebrate?

You can access the Manichaean calendar here.

Abba d’Rabbuta Day
– a day to recall from the Manichaean Scriptures the greatness of the Divine Source.

Light of Karuzuta Day
– a day in which we take special care to share a passage or section of the Karuzuta Kudsha with someone else, to help bring the Holy Light to them.

Mazmore Day
– this is a day when we set aside some time to read and contemplate on one of the Mazmore (Psalms).

Scribes’ Day
– a day when Manichaean scribes observe special prayers related to their responsibilities; also a day when others Manichaeans can show their appreciation to the scribes.

Ten Commandments Day
– a day in which we take time to contemplate on the Ten Manichaean Commandments.

– this is the day we give ten percent of our weekly income to the Great Temple.

Twelve Virtues Day
– a day that affords us the opportunity to contemplate on the Twelve Virtues.

Universal Messengers Day
– this day is set aside so we can remember all of God’s Messengers, some by name, some by teaching or place and contemplate on the unity of their Message of Light over the centuries.

Bema Festival
– this is also referred to as the Memorial Festival. This night commemorates the passing of the Prophet Mani on February 26. The Bema Festival is one of the holiest days of the Manichaean calendar.

Shab-e Yalda
– this night is observed to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Lord Mithra.