Sacred Texts

teachings-mir-izgadda-mar-maniFrom this page you can download or access a variety of texts considered sacred to adherents of the Religion of Light. You are encouraged to redistribute our literature, however, we ask that you not sell any of the digital editions. If you wish to have printed editions, you may like to know that some of our publications are also available from our online book store or free, gently used editions from one of the Manichaean Missions. You can download other digital editions from the Manichaean Publication Society, the Spanish Temple site or the Portuguese Temple site.

The Teachings of Mir Izgadda and Mar Mani (English, paper back). This is a collection of their teachings for the modern reader. Encouragement, spiritual nourishment. From the Holy Book of Light.

Unless otherwise indicated, Portuguese language documents are translated to Portuguese as spoken in Brazil and other areas of South America; Spanish language documents are translated to Spanish as spoken in Spain.

  • Codices of Enoch
  • Codex of Abraham
  • Psalms of Egypt
  • Odes of Solomon
  • Psalms of Israel
  • The Seven Calls of Mithra
  • Psalms to Mithra
  • Teaching of Maran Yisho
  • Epistle of Yakub
  • Teaching of the Apostles
  • Gospel of Mar Tuma
  • Psalms of Mar Tuma
  • Acts of Mar Tuma
  • Teachings of the Bright Light
  • Gospel of Mar Mani
  • Fundamental Epistle of Mar Mani
  • Acts of Mar Mani
  • Psalms of Mar Mani Khaila
  • Manichaean Psalms
  • Manichaean Parables
  • Teaching of Mir Izgadda
  • Teaching of Mar Mani Khaila
  • Awakening Soul
  • Prayer to the Living Spirit
  • Precepts of the Living Religion
  • Psalms of the Brethren of Light

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