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The Manichaean Church — A Covenanting Community of the Religion of Light

The Manichaean Church is...

A GODLY CHURCH Our Church believes in and worships one God through His Son and His Divine Messengers. Manichaeans are guided by righteous principles as taught in our sacred texts.

A SCRIPTURAL CHURCH Our sacred text is known as the Gospel of the Prophet Mani. We also revere the Aramaic Peshitta containing the "Old Testament", "New Testament", and various other texts related to the Religion of Light. We have Three Pillars which are: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation. The belief and application of all three of these pillars unites us in a worldwide brotherhood.

A UNITED CHURCH From the beginning the Manichaean Church has been able to express itself within whatever culture its missionaries worked, thus demonstrating unity within diversity. Recently various spiritual communities affiliated with the greater Manichaean Church merged as one. These included the Kingdom of Light Church (Indonesia, United States), Church of the Kingdom of Light (Iraq), Manichaean Orthodox Church (Iran), Old Order Manichaeans (Iran, United States), and the United Manichaean Church (Iraq, Iran, United States, Uzbekistan). The process of merging these communities began to be finalized in September 2015. All of these congregations use the primary liturgical texts provided by the Church.

A LITURGICAL CHURCH Our liturgical texts are from traditional Aramaic/Syriac sources, along with contemporary compositions of special prayers. Members in various lands are able to use the traditional Manichaean liturgy in various languages, including Croatian, English, Hebrew, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish and others. In North America, some individuals who converted from Christian backgrounds also employ authorised Manichaean versions of certain Christian prayers. Our liturgy points us back to the practices of the brethren during the time of the original Apostles of both Jesus and Mani.

AN ANCIENT APOSTOLIC CHURCH As sons and daughters of the Manichaean Church established in ancient times, we believe in Apostolic Succession through our beloved Prophet and Apostle Mar Mani. When anointed by the Arkhegos (the earthly head of the Church), Elect Intercessors become senior apostles in the same line as other Apostles since the time of Mar Mani. Various brethren from among the Elect Intercessors living in Uzbekistan, China, Laos and Vietnam, have been able to preserve this blessed line of succession. Manichaeans also believe that Mar Mani is living with us this very day as the Arkhegos. It is through Apostolic Succession that authority is granted to the Elect Intercessors to help guide the faithful of the Church in carrying out its mission to make known the Call in the world.

AN ACTIVE AND MODERN CHURCH In most recent years, the Manichaean Church has become a modern, active community of believers who understand the seriousness of their commission to share the Message of Light with others. Several publishing projects have yielded books, booklets, tracts, and the Manichaean Scriptures. Many have been helped by way of mutli-media, such as videos and audio programs. Others have come to realise the importance of living a virtuous life by following various websites produced by the Church and members.

A VIRTUOUS CHURCH The Church teaches, as did Mar Mani and the Apostles of old, that to live according to the Twelve Virtues and Manichaean Commandments and Principles, one is able to eventually experience liberation from the world of darkness. Being a Church guided by God and His Divine Messengers, we do not believe in practicing any form of magic, Wicca or participating in any types of "New Age" belief systems. Manichaeans are very serious about their beliefs and do not permit the ways of the evil one to contaminate it. Our faith is very real and virtuous; some of our brethren have died by the hands of those who hate our religion in various countries; our faith is not some internet game or arm-chair scholars' discussion. It is our belief that by living a virtuous life according to God's righteous principles, one is able to draw closer to God. As such, we wish to help as many people as possible learn about God and to know about the loving kindness of Mar Mani.

A CHARITABLE CHURCH As members continue to learn about Godly principles, they practice humility and loving kindness while performing various forms of anonymous charitable works on behalf of all persons, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or economic situation.

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