Study Groups

Establishing a Manichaean Study Group

You can establish a study group in your home or in another convenient location such as in a park or other suitable public locations where the Faith is not suppressed by government officials and where the people of the Religion of Light are not persecuted.

Study groups, consisting of a least two lay persons, can meet weekly or once or twice each month according to the zeal and needs of the group as a whole. Prayers are said and a section from the Gospel of Mar Mani and a related text from the Teaching of Mir Izgadda is read. Starting with the first section of the Gospel, your group can read the the text aloud followed by discussion.

Additional helps will be provided for a proper understanding of the text in which your group is endeavouring to study. The study and contemplation of the Manichaean Ten Commandments are also encouraged for all study groups.

Membership in a group must be without charge to those who are interested in the Religion of Light, although individuals would be responsible for bringing their own copy of the study texts or the study group leader can make copies of the appointed section of text for the day if he or she is able.


You can obtain publications free of charge from the Manichaean Publication Society’s website or printed publications from our online bookstore. The first publication you will want to obtain is the Holy Book in your language. Make sure you get a copy of the booklet How to Establish a Study Group, available free of charge here.

Study materials are also available in other languages such as Portuguese and Spanish.