The Eternal Struggle

In the presence of the Divine Radiance, we gather to contemplate the eternal truths that illuminate the path of the Manichaean faithful. Let us delve into the depths of our consciousness, guided by the words of wisdom: “There are two Sources unborn and everlasting, Alaha (God) and Matter, Light and Darkness, Good and Evil – in all ways quite opposite, for the one shares nothing with the other, Alaha being good and having nothing in common with evil.” (Gospel of Mani 1:1)

In this sacred revelation in the Gospel of Mani, we are reminded of the inherent duality that permeates existence, the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. Alaha, the Source of all that is good and pure, shines with an unfathomable radiance, untouched by the shadows of darkness. Alaha is the embodiment of perfection, the very essence of divine love, compassion, and wisdom. In Alaha, we find solace and guidance, a refuge from the tumultuous currents of this world.

Yet, alongside the brilliance of Alaha, there exists the enigma of Matter, the realm of darkness and ignorance. Matter, the antithesis of Alaha, embraces all that is base, impure, and transient. It ensnares our souls, casting veils upon our vision, and leading us astray from the path of righteousness. The realm of Matter seduces us with its illusions, tempting us with temporary pleasures and distractions, diverting us from the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

This cosmic battle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, is woven into the very fabric of existence. It unfolds within our hearts and minds, as we wrestle with our own inner contradictions. We are torn between our inherent inclination towards the Divine Light and the allure of the material world. We experience the struggle between our higher aspirations and the lower desires that seek to bind us.

But fear not, beloved seekers of truth, for the light of Alaha shines resplendently, cutting through the shadows of darkness. It beckons us to transcend the limitations of matter, to rise above the transient and embrace the eternal. Through knowledge, self-discipline, and unwavering devotion, we can awaken the dormant spark within us and rekindle our connection to the Divine Source.

Let us, then, strive for purity of heart and clarity of mind. Let us immerse ourselves in the teachings of the enlightened ones who have walked this path before us. Let us cultivate virtues of compassion, forgiveness, and humility, so that we may reflect the divine qualities of Alaha in our daily lives. Through prayer, contemplation, and righteous action, we can draw closer to the Source of all goodness and transcend the limitations of matter.

May the sacred teachings of Mani guide us on this journey of awakening. May the radiant Light of Alaha dispel the darkness within us and illuminate the path that is set before us. And may our souls find solace and fulfillment in the eternal union with the Divine.

Let us embrace the duality of existence, understanding that it is through the struggle between Light and Darkness that we attain spiritual growth. Let us remember that Alaha, the Source of all that is good, is forever unblemished by evil. In our pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, may we draw strength from the eternal truth that Alaha and evil share nothing in common, and may we strive to align our beings with the divine goodness that flows from the eternal Source.

May the blessings of Alaha be upon us all.

Your brother,
C. Yar