Regular alms-giving is part of our Manichaean Faith. All Manichaean brothers and sisters know it is there responsibility to make alms on a weekly or monthly basis. This is the reason you will rarely hear Manichaean clergy asking congregations or study groups for donations. We already know it’s our divine responsibility. A page was set up (linked below) to make it easier for those who wish to make their alms-giving or other offerings via online.

We do not ask for gifts or alms from those who are not members of the Faith, but we appreciate any thing others may wish to provide.

As Manichaeans we believe that our sins are removed by making alms on a regular basis. Not everyone is able to provide alms in the form of money, thus one would give food to one of the Elect; however, in the absence of one of the Elect, it is a noble act to give food to the poor in your community or neighbourhood. This act of charity is blessed and your transgressions can be forgiven if done so with a pure heart.