Funeral Rite for Manichaeans

{This is the Basic Funeral Rite for all Manichaeans. It is our tradition for the body to be wrapped in white cloth. The body may be clothed in the traditional attire customary to the land, but with the white wrapping around the body, with head and face exposed. This Rite is for both Hearers and the Elect. Any Manichaean among both the Laity and Clerics may officiate the Rite.}

Reading from the Karuzuta

Officiant: Let us receive knowledge and comfort from the portion of the Karuzuta of the Blessed Prophet. “From Light-Mind and the Divine Teacher have come a fresh Garland, a new Diadem, and a shining Robe. See, joy has overtaken me through your Right Hand that came to me! No longer shall I be prisoner, a slave!”

{If possible, a family member may wish to read the first portion of Section 78 of the Gospel of the Prophet Mani; another Manichaean or a friend of the family may also be chosen to read the same portion. If none of these, the funeral officiant may recite the passages.}

All: Ameen.

The Funerary Hymn

Officiant: Set into the world are you, this divine form, deprived of your heavenly apparel. And you saw the Redeemer, as He spoke to you in loving kindness. Hope then came to you when you were constantly oppressed.

The marvel was illumined for you, your mind became joyful. How quickly, how hastily has come the end of your life.

May you be freed from terrible distress on this day of death! Come, Redeemer, and take this soul, accompanied by praise, saving Light, Mar Mani, together with the sons of God. Remember, kind and beneficent Alaha, this believing soul of your own child, an [Hearer/Elect], who follows You.

O Beneficent Alaha, think of [name of deceased], his/her thoughts are fixed upon the final day. All: O God of Light, come and look upon him/her, You, the Helper at this time of death! Ameen.

{If a casket is used, it is wrapped or covered in a blue cloth (the colour representing heaven) before internment.

After the internment and the grave is covered, blessed water is poured upon the grave. Sand is poured upon the covered grave with small shells being placed upon it to represent the soul reaching the Divine Shore.}

{After the funeral has concluded, it is the tradition of Manichaeans to return to their homes, bathe and then recite Scriptures in quiet solitude. Appropriate Scriptures include Sections 77-79, 81 and 89 of the Gospel of Mani}

{Some congregations may wish to make a meal offering at the local congregation or in the home of one of the brothers or sisters. If so, the Blessing of the Meal Offering is used.}