Prayer of the Emanations

Before Reciting the Prayer of the Emanations

Standing, facing the Sun by day and the Moon by night, wash the hands, arms and face with flowing water using a receptacle dedicated for this purpose alone. Prayers may be recited indoors or outside.

Prostrate, one says:

Praise be to you, O blessed one of Light, Mani our comforting guide; from the Root of Light and Branch of Life, you are like a mighty tree that brings healing.

Standing, one says:

O blessed one of Light, Mani our comforting guide; from the Root of Light and Branch of Life, you are like a mighty tree that brings healing.

Bowing, one says:

Lord of Heaven, I bow down and give You praise with a pure heart, O Great God, the Father of Light and the Cause of their existence.

Praise be to You, and all Your Greatness, and to Your Kingdom of Light, to the Blessed Messengers, whom You have called forth.

Praised are Your armies and Your pious ones and Your Word and Your Greatness and the peace which You give. Ameen.

Standing erect, one says:

Praised are You because You are the God who is all truth and life and holiness. Ameen.

{The Prayer of the Emanations is now recited.}


This is the Prayer of the Emanations, also known as the Prayer of Streams, that is prayed by both the Hearers and the Elect, but is a duty of the Hearers.

(Recite quietly) Blessed is the one who recites this prayer as often as possible, especially daily; and as far as the Hearers at least on the third day (Tuesday), having a pure heart and sincere effort and holy speech, requesting forgiveness of any sins that have been committed.

(Recite audibly with hands raised, palms facing the Eastern sky) I stand before Almighty God, Alaha, and recognise His sovereignty, His Light, His Power and His Wisdom. I bow down in pure worship and give glory to Abba d’Rabbuta of Light from pure thought. For, You Alaha, are the King of the Kingdom of Light and there is no comparison to You, Your Name or Your Throne in all the universes. I glorify and honour You and Your Name with pure speech: You and Your majesty and all those surrounding Your Great Throne of Light. For it was in glory that You brought their foundation into perfection. I glorify Your Power, Your Light, Your Word and Your majesty and all the celestial beings surrounding You. For You are Alaha, the True Foundation of every grace, life and truth.

(With hands clasped before chest) I honour and glorify all of the various divine beings, all of the angels, all of the splendours, all of the luminaries, and all the divine powers that I am not aware of which emanate from the compassion of the Great and Glorious Father from the Kingdom of Light – all those who reside in His Presence and who are nourished by his light, all those who have been purified from any trace of darkness, malice and evil.

I also give honour and glory to the other great powers of divine origin, that is the enlightened angelic beings. They have increased their wisdom and have put the darkness and its relentless powers under their feet; they have put on the Armour of Light to battle the evil one and all those who wish to wage war against the true Creator. I honour those angelic beings for they will bind matter in one lump with the strength given to them from the Kingdom of Light.

(With hands raised, palms facing the Eastern sky) I bow down in worship and give glory to the Son of the Father of Greatness, the Mind of Light, you who are Melekh Makhayana (King and Saviour): the One who came forth from the outer aeons and eventually to this lower creation; and having revealed His wisdom and the divine mysteries to the people on earth, and having taught the entire universe that which is the Way of Truth, teaching with all voices, distinguishing Truth from lies and Light from darkness and Good from evil and the Righteous from the evil. From You, O Makhayana, the fullness of love has been made known throughout the universe, and life together with Truth to every tribe has been interpreted with all voices. For all the living souls, he has become the Redeemer from the chains of darkness.

(With hands raised, palms facing the Eastern sky, bow head) I bow down in worship and I give glory to Alaha Khaya (the Living God), He who is virtuous and true; I acknowledge the One who by His own Power, lifted up all things, His Word and His plans, in the heavens and on the earth.

(With hands raised, palms facing the Eastern sky) I give honour and glory to the great Lights, the Sun and the Moon and all the righteous powers within them; for it is through their wisdom that they are able to subdue the enemies and reveal the light and truth concerning the very purpose of Alaha; I give honour to those who carefully observe and judge all the worlds and who gather the righteous souls unto the Ships of Light and conduct them unto the Kingdom of Light.

I give honour and glory to the Five Great Lights, through which all things came into existence, and through which the heavens and the earth are imbued with beauty, life and soul – for the universe would have no foundation if it were not for these very ones.

I give honour and glory to all the divine beings, all the living and pure angels – for they support all the universes; I honour and glorify them because they have been given authority to protect all those residing within the universes, for their instruction is handed down to them by the Great and Virtuous Light, he who presides over all those who are chanting these sacred hymns.

(Turn to face West) I give honour and glory to all the angels of light who exist throughout various places in the universe, and who put all the evil ones under their feet, protecting that which is righteous and keeping it safe from the creatures of darkness and cultivating within it all that is good.

(Turn to face North) I give honour and glory to all those who are righteous – that is, all those who have kept themselves from all forms of wickedness – all those who have existed in all three worlds and those who are being prepared to come into existence on the Other Shore because they have grasped the Truth and the total sum of it; those who are pure and determined, in order that all those to whom I have given honour and glory and all those which I have called upon may grant unto me the needed help and provide for me a blessing with favour and may safeguard me from all oppression, from every chain of darkness and from reincarnation, and provide for me a pass to the Ships of Light to be delivered to the Great Kingdom of Light in the presence of the Lord – in that place where all those who have gained truth and wisdom and who are knowledgeable in all things, where I may strengthen my hope and my faith, where only peace exists and where only the purest ones from among the righteous reside, where there is no thought of darkness but only ambrosia as food and where everlasting life is present, where all the souls have no needs and where they do not undergo death nor any form of impermanence.

(Kneel, hands clasped, facing East) Abba d’Rabbuta, I repent now praying to be delivered from transgression.

(Hands over face, covering eyes) Abba d’Rabbuta, forgive my sins and remove my guilt. Ameen.

(Quietly) Ameen, Ameen.