The People of Rest

Based on the Gospel of the Prophet Mani, traditionally recited each Sabbath (Friday evening or on Saturday) along other traditional prayers.

We Maninaye (Manichaeans), are the People of Rest
In the House of Alaha currently residing in the Earth;
No man shall burden us with mundane labour.
The one in whom we seek, Isa (Jesus), is our Great Model in all things.
Let us take our rest in him, forever.

May all those who are wise receive the Life Giving Medicine of the Word
And may each of them receive full restoration by the Wheel of the Word.
And may the kind-hearted ones have joy and happiness in the Truth.

The Messengers of the Light, they who are glorious and kind-hearted,
May each one stand by this True Religion, which is the Religion of Light.
And may each of them guard, keep and preserve the Manichaean Faith
In its purity throughout all their days.

May each of them use the Shield of Light
And the Buckler of the Faithful,
And the Efficient Spear to remove and keep at great distance
All enemies of Righteousness.
May each of them preserve us in the Religion of Light,
With their Divine Weapons, keeping us secure and joyful in the Truth.

Ameen. Ameen.

May Alaha send us the New Blessing
In His Light sent to the Earth from His celestial abode.
May the Manichaean Faith bring great reform upon
All the spirits and living beings who reside in the Earth,
So that each of them may embrace our Holy Religion of the Prophet,
And receive eternal life within the True Light of the Father of Greatness.