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Securely Anchoring our Relationship with Alaha

In the name of Abba d’Rabbuta, the Eternal Anchor of our souls, I offer this devotional discourse to celebrate the profound topic of securely anchoring our relationship with Alaha within the Manichaean tradition. Let our hearts be open to receive the sacred teachings that guide us towards a steadfast and transformative communion with the Divine.

Brethren and friends, let us contemplate the essence of anchoring our relationship with Alaha, for it is a sacred endeavor that brings solace, purpose, and liberation to our souls. Just as a ship finds security and stability through its anchor, so too can we find spiritual grounding and strength through our connection with Abba d’Rabbuta.

In the Manichaean Faith, we recognize the eternal struggle between the forces of light and darkness, both within and outside of us. It is amidst this cosmic conflict that our relationship with Alaha gains paramount significance. For it is through the anchoring of our souls in Him that we find protection from the tides of temptation, doubt, and despair.
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Happiness in the Family

In the presence of Abba d’Rabbuta, the Eternal Source of love and harmony, I offer this devotional discourse to celebrate the profound topic of happiness in the family within the Manichaean tradition. Let our souls be receptive to the sacred teachings that guide us towards creating harmonious and blissful family relationships.

Beloved brethren of the Spiritual Community, let us contemplate the essence of happiness in the family, for it is a divine gift that blesses our lives with love, unity, and joy. The family, like a sacred vessel, holds the potential for spiritual growth and mutual support, fostering an environment where the seeds of divine virtues can flourish.

In the Manichaean Faith, we recognize that the family is a microcosm of the divine order, a reflection of the harmonious balance and unity of the cosmos. It is within the sanctified space of the family unit that we learn the virtues of love, compassion, patience, and forgiveness. It is through the bonds of kinship that we find solace, strength, and spiritual nourishment, as we traverse the paths of life.
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Remaining Faithful

In the name of the Abba d’Rabbuta, the source of all purity and wisdom, I offer this devotional discourse to honor the virtue of faithfulness to Alaha. Let our hearts be open to receive the radiant teachings of the Manichaean Faith, which illuminate the path towards divine communion and spiritual liberation.

Let us contemplate the essence of faithfulness, for it is a sacred bond that unites the soul with the Divine Source. Like a tender thread connecting us to the eternal realm, faithfulness guides us through the vicissitudes of life and grants us solace amidst the storms of existence. It is a virtue of unwavering loyalty, steadfast commitment, and resolute dedication to the Divine Light.

In the Manichaean tradition, we acknowledge the eternal struggle between the forces of light and darkness, which pervade both the visible and invisible worlds. It is amidst this cosmic conflict that our faithfulness gains paramount significance. For in our adherence to the teachings of the Prophet Mani and our steadfast devotion to the principles of righteousness, we forge an unbreakable bond with the divine, and thus, become warriors of Light.
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The Eternal Struggle

In the presence of the Divine Radiance, we gather to contemplate the eternal truths that illuminate the path of the Manichaean faithful. Let us delve into the depths of our consciousness, guided by the words of wisdom: “There are two Sources unborn and everlasting, Alaha (God) and Matter, Light and Darkness, Good and Evil – in all ways quite opposite, for the one shares nothing with the other, Alaha being good and having nothing in common with evil.” (Gospel of Mani 1:1)

In this sacred revelation in the Gospel of Mani, we are reminded of the inherent duality that permeates existence, the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. Alaha, the Source of all that is good and pure, shines with an unfathomable radiance, untouched by the shadows of darkness. Alaha is the embodiment of perfection, the very essence of divine love, compassion, and wisdom. In Alaha, we find solace and guidance, a refuge from the tumultuous currents of this world.
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Standing Against Evil

“There are two Sources unborn and everlasting, Alaha (God) and Matter, Light and Darkness, Good and Evil – in all ways quite opposite, for the one shares nothing with the other, Alaha being good and having nothing in common with evil.” (Gospel of Mani 1:1)

Brothers and sisters, let us take our stand against that which is evil, and stand firm in the Manichaean Faith. Standing against evil encapsulates the essence of our journey as Manichaeans, calling us to be vigilant guardians against the forces of darkness and to remain steadfast in our unwavering devotion to Alaha.

Evil manifests itself in many forms, seeking to derail us from the path of righteousness. It lurks in the shadows, tempting us with fleeting pleasures, and whispering doubts into our hearts. It challenges our faith, seeking to shake the very foundations of our belief. But remember, dear brothers and sisters, that Alaha, in His infinite wisdom, has equipped us with the strength and resilience to combat evil and emerge victorious.

To take our stand against evil requires an unwavering commitment to righteousness and the Twelve Virtues of the Faith. We must be vigilant in recognizing the signs of its presence, both in our inner selves and in the world around us. It is through self-reflection and introspection that we can identify the weaknesses within ourselves and strive to rectify them. We must nurture our souls with prayer, contemplation, and the remembrance of Alaha, for it is through these acts that we fortify our defenses against the allure of sin.

However, merely recognizing evil is not enough. We must also actively resist its temptations and refuse to succumb to its allure. This requires courage, determination, and an unyielding faith. We must remember that our faith is not a passive state; it demands action. We are called upon to be agents of Light and to stand up against injustice, oppression, and all forms of wrongdoing. We must promote compassion, justice, and mercy in our interactions with others, and we must be a source of light in a world that often seems engulfed in darkness.

To stand firm in the faith is to hold fast to the teachings of the Faith, to immerse ourselves in the Gospel, and to follow the examples of our beloved Savior Yeshua and our Prophet Mani. It is to find solace and strength in our daily prayers, to seek knowledge and wisdom, and to cultivate a deep connection with Alaha. It is to trust in His divine plan and to submit our will to His guidance, even in times of hardship and adversity.

Brothers and sisters, as we navigate the many challenges of life, let us remember that the struggle against the kingdom of darkness is an ongoing one. It requires our constant vigilance and unwavering commitment. But fear not, for Alaha is with us every step of the way. He is our Protector, our Guide, and our Sustainer. With Him by our side, we have nothing to fear.

So let us rise, fortified by the strength of our faith, and take our stand against evil. Let us be beacons of light in a world in need of illumination. Let our words and actions reflect the beauty and mercy of our Faith. And let us trust in Alaha’s promise that victory will be ours if we remain steadfast and true.

May Alaha grant us the resolve to stand against evil and the strength to remain firm in our faith. Ameen.

Children’s Study – Gospel of Mani 47:3

In the future, something amazing will happen! The special people, called the Elect, will go to the temples where people used to worship different gods. These temples will become their new homes! The whole assembly of believers will become a bigger and more important meeting place for everyone.

Can you imagine this? They will even sit in the palaces of kings! That means they will are very respected and important people. Their gatherings and the houses where they learn about the faith will be like schools! They will sing beautiful songs called psalms and hymns, and even the little girls will learn to read and write while singing these songs.
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Sermon on the Gospel of Mani 47:3

Prayer Before Sermon

O Alaha, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

O Alaha, unite our hearts in faith, strengthen our bonds as a community, and grant us the ability to establish a society rooted in justice, love, and compassion.

May we strive together towards the vision of a world where righteousness prevails, where the call to prayer resounds in every heart, and where love and unity transcend all boundaries.


Gospel Reading
“Then the temples of this world’s Gods shall become dwellings of the Elect, and the Holy Knushta of the Congregation shall greatly increase—they shall sit in the palaces of Kings; the assemblies and the houses of the Hearers shall be like schools of instruction; you will find them singing psalms and hymns, the little girls learning to write while singing psalms and reading. Always it is the voice of the Righteousness that shall speak out in the time of prayer; then shall the daily wickedness cease among them. At that time they shall fulfil all the Commandments, small and great, exactly as they are written. There shall be love dwelling in all their hearts; the Elect shall love each other, and no one shall ever think of wickedness; brother shall look at brother, sister at sister, with a friendly expression.” (Gospel of Mani 47:3)

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Today, I stand before you to share a message of hope and inspiration, drawing upon the profound wisdom found in the Gospel of Mani. In our Holy Book, we are reminded of a future time, a time of great transformation and divine blessings. It speaks of a day when the temples of this world’s gods shall become dwellings of the Elect, and the Holy Knushta of the Congregation shall greatly increase. It envisions a world where righteousness and love prevail, where wickedness is cast aside, and where the Commandments are upheld with utmost dedication.
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How do we “conquer the Sin”?

“If you strengthen yourselves and hold to one another and in one time stand on this living Truth which has been visible to you, then all of you from small to great can conquer the Sin which opposes you. But if you divide on this Truth, what may not happen? You will be both split up by it and also subdued under Sin’s hand, and you will be humbled also under all its Powers that oppose you.” (Gospel of Mani 47:1)

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Mani the Final Prophet?

Do Manichaeans believe that Mani was the final prophet in a long line of prophets?

Manichaeans do not believe that Mani was the final prophet. Manichaeism does not have the concept of a final prophet, and it is a misinterpretation that originated from later Islamic scholars who studied Manichaeism. The unfortunate misinterpretation has been carried over by some western scholars who have not fully studied ancient Manichaean texts.

Manichaeism, as founded by the Prophet Mani, does not claim that he was the last in a line of prophets. Instead, Manichaeans believe that Mani was the “Apostle of Light” and the revealer of divine knowledge. Manichaeans believe that the Message of Light was divinely revealed to Mani and that some of Mani’s teachings were drawn from various religious traditions, including Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism, to present the Gospel in a manner that could be understood by the culture in which it was being delivered. This is why one can find Buddhist Manichaeans (Monijiao), Christian Manichaeans, Hindu Manichaeans and Islamic Manichaeans throughout history. Mani’s message was brought by many apostles and teachers to different lands and dressed in the culture and language of the people of each of those lands.

Where Do I Begin?

Those who wish to learn more about the Manichaean Faith (آیینِ مانی) often ask “Where do I begin?”

A good start would be praying the Prayer of Emanations along with reading and studying the Gospel of the Prophet Mani. If you are in the United States, the likelihood of being able to meet with others is almost impossible as there are so very few Manichaeans in the U.S. Most of our brothers and sisters are located in Aghanistan and Iran. Because of this most western brothers and sisters find themselves practising the Faith in their homes and reading as much material as they can from Participating in online groups such as the one at is moderated by members.

It needs to be pointed out that there are several groups calling themselves “Manichaean” or “Religion of Light”. The Manichaean Faith as represented on is not affiliated with any of these. It is important for us to say that because of some of the “off the wall” teachings some groups have been publishing that are no where near what the Blessed Prophet taught. Most don’t even know of the existence of the Gospel texts translated by Greenlees and compiled by him in the Gospel of the Prophet Mani.

If you have questions, you can contact us or the online group would be a great place to ask.

We pray you are blessed on your journey with Mar Mani and his teachings.