Children’s Study – Gospel of Mani 47:3

In the future, something amazing will happen! The special people, called the Elect, will go to the temples where people used to worship different gods. These temples will become their new homes! The whole assembly of believers will become a bigger and more important meeting place for everyone.

Can you imagine this? They will even sit in the palaces of kings! That means they will are very respected and important people. Their gatherings and the houses where they learn about the faith will be like schools! They will sing beautiful songs called psalms and hymns, and even the little girls will learn to read and write while singing these songs.

When they pray, it will be a very special time. They will always speak with the voice of righteousness, which means they will speak with kindness, truth, and goodness. And you know what’s even more amazing? When they pray like this, all the bad things people used to do every day will stop! People will become better and follow all the rules God gave them, both big and small.

Love will fill their hearts. The Elect and the Hearers, will love each other so much! They will treat each other like brothers and sisters, always being kind and friendly. And the most wonderful part is that nobody will ever think about doing anything wrong or wicked. They will all be good and happy together. (A paraphrase of Gospel of Mani 47:3)

Childrens Story

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled amidst rolling hills, there lived a group of children named Ahmed, Fatima, and Ali. They were curious, kind-hearted, and loved learning about their faith, Manichaeism.

One sunny day, as they played together in the village square, a wise old man approached them. He had a long white beard and a twinkle in his eyes. The children gathered around him, eager to hear what he had to say.

The old man began telling them a captivating story. He spoke of a time long ago when the houses of worship were transformed into places of great importance. He described how people came together to pray, learn, and find solace in the presence of God.

The children listened with wide-eyed wonder as the old man painted a vivid picture of these sacred spaces. He described how the worship spaces were adorned with beautiful calligraphy and colorful carpets. The air inside was filled with the sweet aroma of incense, and the walls echoed with the melodious recitation of the Gospel of Mani.

As the story unfolded, the children imagined themselves walking through the doors of these magnificent houses. They envisioned the sound of their footsteps on the cool marble floors, and the feeling of peace washing over them as they entered. They could almost hear the gentle rustling of prayer beads and the soft whispers of supplications.

The old man’s voice grew more animated as he spoke about the gatherings of knowledge that took place within these blessed walls. He described how children and adults alike gathered to learn the teachings of the Message of Light. In these schools of instruction, they studied the Gospel of the Prophet Mani, guided by wise scholars.

Ahmed, Fatima, and Ali couldn’t help but imagine themselves sitting among these eager students. They pictured themselves flipping through the pages of beautiful books, their eyes lighting up with understanding as they absorbed the knowledge shared with them. They envisioned asking questions and engaging in lively discussions, growing in their understanding of their faith.

The old man’s story continued, describing the strong bonds of love and unity that were formed among the believers. He spoke of how people treated each other with kindness, compassion, and respect. The children listened intently, their hearts yearning to experience such a loving community.

Ahmed, Fatima, and Ali looked at one another and felt a deep connection. They saw the importance of treating each other like siblings, embracing the values of love and unity in their own lives. They pledged to always be there for one another, to support and encourage each other in their journey of faith.

As the old man finished his story, the children felt a sense of awe and inspiration. They understood that they had the power to create a little piece of that future within their village. They vowed to gather together in prayer, to learn about their faith, and to treat everyone they met with kindness and respect.

From that day on, Ahmed, Fatima, and Ali became the catalysts for change in their village. They invited their friends to gather in the village square to recite Gospel verses and share stories from the life of the Prophet Mani. They created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, just like the houses of worship they had imagined.

Their actions inspired other children and adults in the village to join them. The village square became a place where love, unity, and knowledge thrived. Children and adults alike gathered, their hearts brimming with love for God and each other.

And so, dear children, the village underwent a beautiful transformation, echoing the vision shared in the story. The house of worship became a sacred sanctuary, the gatherings resembled schools of instruction, and love and unity flourished among the villagers.

Ahmed, Fatima, and Ali taught everyone a valuable lesson: that even the smallest actions of love and devotion can have a profound impact. They reminded their village that the true essence of Manichaeism lies in prayer, knowledge, love, and unity.

And from that day forward, their village became a shining example of the beauty and mercy of the Message of Light, a place where righteousness prevailed, and where the voice of the Righteousness spoke out in every prayer.

The end.

Instructor’s Comments

So, my dear children, isn’t it wonderful to think about this future? A future where everyone is filled with love, where people gather together to learn and worship, and where kindness and goodness fill the air. Let’s strive to be the best Hearers we can be and spread love and goodness wherever we go.

Remember, the love in our hearts and the way we treat others are what truly matters. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels loved and where goodness prevails.


Dear Alaha, the Most Loving and Kind,

We come to You today with grateful hearts, full of wonder and excitement. Thank You for the beautiful story we heard, about a future filled with love and goodness.

We pray that You guide us to become like the special people in our Faith called the Elect. Help us love one another and treat each other with kindness, just like the good brothers and sisters. Fill our hearts with love, so we can create a world where everyone feels cared for and happy.

Dear Alaha, help us gather together to learn about our Faith, just like the Elect do. Bless our meetings and make them places of joy and understanding. Help us sing songs of praise to You, and as we learn, let our voices be filled with happiness.

We ask for Your guidance, dear Alaha, to always speak with righteousness. Help us use kind words and tell the truth. Let our words bring comfort and encouragement to others.

Please, Alaha, help us stop the bad things we sometimes do. Guide us to follow all Your Commandments, both big and small. Give us the strength and wisdom to do what is right, so that we can make the world a better place.

Dear Alaha, we ask that You fill our hearts with love, so that we can spread it to everyone we meet. Help us to be kind, caring, and friendly. Let our actions and words show others the beauty of love and goodness.

Thank You, Alaha, for listening to our prayers. We trust in Your guidance and mercy. May our lives reflect the love and goodness we heard about in the story.