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Sermon on the Gospel of Mani 47:3

Prayer Before Sermon

O Alaha, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

O Alaha, unite our hearts in faith, strengthen our bonds as a community, and grant us the ability to establish a society rooted in justice, love, and compassion.

May we strive together towards the vision of a world where righteousness prevails, where the call to prayer resounds in every heart, and where love and unity transcend all boundaries.


Gospel Reading
“Then the temples of this world’s Gods shall become dwellings of the Elect, and the Holy Knushta of the Congregation shall greatly increase—they shall sit in the palaces of Kings; the assemblies and the houses of the Hearers shall be like schools of instruction; you will find them singing psalms and hymns, the little girls learning to write while singing psalms and reading. Always it is the voice of the Righteousness that shall speak out in the time of prayer; then shall the daily wickedness cease among them. At that time they shall fulfil all the Commandments, small and great, exactly as they are written. There shall be love dwelling in all their hearts; the Elect shall love each other, and no one shall ever think of wickedness; brother shall look at brother, sister at sister, with a friendly expression.” (Gospel of Mani 47:3)

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Today, I stand before you to share a message of hope and inspiration, drawing upon the profound wisdom found in the Gospel of Mani. In our Holy Book, we are reminded of a future time, a time of great transformation and divine blessings. It speaks of a day when the temples of this world’s gods shall become dwellings of the Elect, and the Holy Knushta of the Congregation shall greatly increase. It envisions a world where righteousness and love prevail, where wickedness is cast aside, and where the Commandments are upheld with utmost dedication.
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